Welcome to the GathRing Website

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Our subconcious hides from us many of our motives and aspirations. The courageous among us walk through darkness and fear to discover the inner landscapes that truly make our souls whole, and Chaos keeps it in motion so that we do not become stagnant.

Meet the GathRing

I have always been a private person. Restless, searching and vigilant. Wary of those around me and their motives and actions. Disconnectedness seemed to be my constant companion. Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, I have come to understand many of the reasons for this separateness that has permeated my life. And I have also seen the metaphor my own life is for the state of mankind in general.

For me, dissociation has primarily been a tool for dealing with overwhelming emotions. The physical responses to fear, hunger, pain, and loneliness seemed as though they would consume me, and threatened my very existence. So I ran. A classic fight or flight response. But, at the core of me, there exists some spark that desires life and refuses to give up. That essence, lacking any other means to ensure survival, split off whichever feelings were too overwhelming, partitioning them off behind fortified walls so that I/we could continue to survive. So I also fought.

It was an effective strategy at the time. We are here. But we have lived the consequences, a life of disconnectedness.

Slowly, we have learned to connect. We have come to understand that we can bear our feelings. Sharing our interests, times and ideas with each other has shown us we are not alone. Bit by bit, moment by moment, sometimes fleetingly, but most assuredly, we are drawing in and releasing the threads, adding our part to the weaving of life.

The most important thread we have added back into this weaving is a return to our spirituality. Not the religion we were given as a child, but the relationship with the universe that gives us all a greater meaning and purpose in our time on earth.

These pages are a testament to our struggle. Although we live in constant chaos, we have learned that it is our means to growth. In that growth there is both beauty and pain. Hopefully, you will find something here which touches your spirit. Perhaps you share our pain, perhaps you too see the beauty in life, or perhaps you just feel the union we all share in our humanity.

May you walk in peace, grow in knowledge, and live always in the certainty that there is purpose in life.